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The trainers and consultants in our teaching programmes and educational management consultancy services are of the highest calibre, consisting of NIE faculty staff as well as highly-qualified and experienced educators in Singapore.

Leaders in Education Programme International (LEPI)



Applicants must be degree holders or have equivalent qualifications. They must have at least one year of senior management experience in a school or government ministry.

Applications must be made via the prescribed form. (If you are unable to attach your photograph in the form, please send your photograph as an email attachment).   Applications may be submitted at any time until the closing date.

Registration for 2024 will close on 12 July 2024.


For enquiries, please contact:

NIE International
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University
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Singapore 637616
Tel: (65) 6790 3137

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Extraordinary Leaders for the Future

The educational landscape across the world is giving rise to new and escalating challenges. Nations need innovative leaders of extraordinary ability to lead schools in a dynamic and uncertain context.

This one-week executive programme is specially catered for school principals and education ministry officers. It focuses on the critical skills that leaders require to navigate schools through the pathways to enable optimal performance sustainably.

Launched in 2005, the LEPI programme has quickly established itself as one of NIE International's flagship programmes. The programme will provide a unique and enriching experience. It engages and support key personnel in education who will be the extraordinary leaders for the future. This programme exposes participants to the latest thinking in educational leadership.

Participants will be inspired to build their individual and collective capacity and learn how to become champions of innovation, so that they can take their schools upwards to higher levels of performance. Participants will work with an international peer group of leaders in education, engaged in effective conversation, learn new ways to ask questions, and benefit from peer-to-peer learning experiences.

The nature of teaching and learning has undergone substantial changes.  In this one-week edition of the LEPI, we continue to examine the role of a transformational school leader in providing the coherence to strategically and innovatively steer their school amidst an ever-uncertain environment post-pandemic and beyond.


Programme Architecture

Exciting new ideas and possibilities will emerge as participants reflect on the experiences we provide:

School Visits: We take participants to local schools that are achieving breakthroughs in innovation. Through the sharing of ideas with school leaders, participants can gain insights on how schools are approaching education in many creative ways, all with one goal in mind - preparing their students for the future.

Syndicate Group Discussion: International participants join together to develop new knowledge through in-depth conversation and gain deeper insights into the more critical issues of education and schooling.

Knowledge in the Classroom: Teaching sessions in the form of seminars, group presentations and experiential learning in providing the coherence to strategically and innovatively steer the school.

Programme Venue: National Institute of Education, Singapore


The LEPI Teaching Faculty

The LEPI teaching faculty offers an impressive blend of academic credentials and professional experience. Participants will work with both NIE professors who excel in research and writing on educational leadership, and professionals from schools who have had years of school leadership experiences. As a teaching team, they provide participants with a rich understanding of the theory-practice nexus in school leadership.

How Will Participants Benefit?

Participants will learn about the latest developments in school leadership. They will learn about leading schools in times of rapid and unpredictable change. They will gain first-hand experience of Singapore's schools. They will meet and work with peers from other systems and help to develop an international learning community. The experiences in the learning journey will encourage you to think deeply about your role as a leader.


On successful completion and full attendance of the programme, participants will be awarded the Leaders in Education Programme International Certificate of Participation.

Course Duration

The course is scheduled from 12 to 16 August 2024 in Singapore.

Course Fee

The course fee is SGD3,270.00 (inclusive of 9% GST). Once a place is offered, on acceptance, applicants must make the payment of the course fee in full. The course fee is non-refundable.