Programmes & Courses

The trainers and consultants in our teaching programmes and educational management consultancy services are of the highest calibre, consisting of NIE faculty staff as well as highly-qualified and experienced educators in Singapore.

Our Participants

Quotes from Past Participants

"All the trainers and lecturers the way of their teaching were very good, clear and give example related to the real life. The material they prepare are very important for me to learn. Everything is well organized.

All the program prepared by NIE are useful. I can learn a lot even from the lectures, observation what I have heard. I have seen, the most important thing is school visit. I learn from school visit such as school organization, structure and innovative school leadership."

Mr Lor Chhavanna, Cambodia (2006)

"The program’s topics, materials, and presentations were definitely a value to my career. For me, it has been edifying that so many contemporary ideas are shared with the global educators."

Ms Amy Tse, Hong Kong (2006)

"I’ve never seen diversity live in action and beautifully unfolding right before my eyes until I joined this program. I believe our learning has exponentially increased because of this factor… The program did not impose any “canned” program or solution. Instead, it successfully got us into very good reflection about our own context back home & to put them in practice."

Mdm Maria Eloisa Quiambao, The Philippines (2008)

"The twelve days at NIE participating in the Leaders in Education Programme have been the most interesting, gratifying and enjoyable period for me. The new information & knowledge gained, the experiences shared will be a great asset to me in my field of work when I return to my country."

Ms Khin Lay Myint, Myanmar (2008)

"The components of the program are well-organized in a very structural model. The knowledge is not new to me, but it provides practical implication and inspires me to go beyond the best. The program is a nurturing program, with something related to our background knowledge, but at the same time highlights the blind spots in me."

Mdm Candy Chan Wai-han, Hong Kong (2009)

"All components of the program are useful to my work and personal development…. It has been a profound eye-opener for me by experiencing, hearing & seeing the application of innovation."

Mr Shali Kankondi, Namibia (2009)

"It was amazing. It was a lifetime training."

Mr Joseph Otieno Auko, Kenya (2009)