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NIE International Pte Ltd was incorporated on 1 Apr 2009. As the business consultancy arm of the National Institute of Education, teacher education and leadership training is shared with the rest of the world.

Annual Report

Annual report on NIE’s Internationalisation efforts through

NIE International for AY 2009/2010

(period from Jul 2009 to Jun 2010)


NIE International Private Limited (NIE International) was incorporated on 1 Apr 2009 and it was fully operational on 1 Jul 2009.

At the closing of its first financial year end on 31 Mar 2010, the company reported a revenue of S$9.2 million and a profit before tax of S$5.7 million.

The key projects managed by NIE International for the period included:

Middle East projects

NIE was asked to provide advisory services in Bahrain’s Teachers’ education reforms initiatives and relevant training for her ministry officers, school leaders and teachers. In this project, NIE was involved in the first teachers’ recruitment campaign and the promotion of the teachers’ status, the setting up of the Bahrain Teachers College and the development of its curriculum, professional development training and framework, leadership training and the development of an appraisal framework: Performance Management System. The project started in 2007 and was completed in Jun 2010. The Minister of Education, Bahrain has expressed his intention in continuing the partnership with NIE.

NIE revisited the Emirates College of Advanced Education (which NIE assisted in the set up) to review its progress. This was at the invitation of the Director-General of Abu Dhabi Education Council. The review was completed in Nov 2009 and the report submitted in Jan 2010.

Other engagements in the Middle East in the reported period included the partnership with King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, in the development, training and transmission of knowledge in the Leadership Programme for King Saud University and Reforms in Mathematics and Science Curriculum Development and pedagogy training. There was also discussion with College of Education, Qatar University on providing advisory services on the development of their national research agenda.

The value of the Middle East projects accounts for 30.2% of the revenue for NIE International.

China projects

NIE International manages for NIE, the Master in Educational Administration programme which is a customized programme for China’s education officers. The programme has gained a reputation in China and many reputed education institutes from China wanted to collaborate with NIE to offer the programme. The programme is also well received by the respective central and provincial education bureaus.  The current partners we have in China for this programme, include the Centre for High School Principals, East China Normal University and Beijing Institute of Education. In AY 2009/2010, there are 67 participants enrolled into the programme. The alumni of the programme spread across 9 provinces and states.

ASEAN and other projects

NIE International activities in ASEAN are mainly through the sponsorship of Temasek Foundation. The focus is on sharing of Singapore’s expertise with our neighbours. For the year, training programmes were conducted for Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines. The programmes were well received and some programmes have been expanded since the first run. For example, NIE trained 27 secondary Mathematics and Science teachers from the Philippines and 78 teachers from Indonesia. In addition, the Vietnam project was expanded from the training of teachers, principals to provisional supervisory officers and a total of 68 supervisory officers, including Master trainers from National Institute of Education Management, Vietnam  from 63 provinces of Vietnam were trained.

The Leaders in Education Programme International is the flagship programme of NIE. This is a programme which leaders in educational institutions gather and discuss issues related to the educational landscape of today and the future. It has attracted participants from Germany and has SEAMEO and MFA support. For 2010 programme, there were 49 participants from 21 countries.

NIE International also worked with International institutions, for example Commonwealth of Learning, Vietnam-Belgium Project and World Bank in the reported year.

 Local projects

Besides overseas projects, NIE International is also active in training for local agencies and institutions, for example, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Ministry of Health (MOH) and other education institutes. The training programmes included both award and non-award programmes. For example, in the reported period, the Specialist Diploma in Learning Science and Specialist Cert/Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Instructions and professional development courses were offered to MINDEF and the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education programme was offered to professional healthcare instructors.